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Tel Aviv has become a center of conferences from all over the world. Conferences in the fields of hi-tech, medicine, technology, biotechnology, innovation, security and invention.
Almost every month, conferences, exhibitions and festivals of all kinds can be found throughout the city.

At the beginning of September 5-6/9 The Tel Aviv Innovation exhibition (DLD) is held at The stylish Station Complex. This is an exhibition that focuses on innovation in technology. The DLD conference is designed to encourage technological talents and provide the opportunity to meet with the largest companies in the global innovation and technology market such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and more. In 2017 more than 150 delegations from abroad and 3,700 guests participated in this exhibition.

We at the Alexander Tel Aviv conference hotel host many businessmen and women from various fields, high-tech, medicine, technology, biotechnology, innovation, security, and inventions arriving to these conferences and exhibitions.
Throughout October 2018, a number of special conferences will take place throughout Tel Aviv. Among them is the General Assembly. This conference is an annual conference of Jewish communities from North America and Israel, which meet to discuss the most pressing issues on the Jewish agenda.

The General Assembly conference takes place once every year, and once in every years the conference take place in Tel Aviv. This year 2018, the conference will take place in Tel Aviv.This is a conference that unites all the Jewish Federations from across North America. Federations that are involved in raising funds for Zionist and Israeli purposes and allocating them among various philanthropic projects in Israel. The main partners of the federations are JDC-Israel, the Jewish Agency and World ORT Kadima Mada. At the General Assembly you are able to see and learn about the activities of Jewish federations throughout North America and Israel.

The GA 2018 conference is held at the Tel Aviv Convention and Exhibition Center, which is a 5-minute drive from the Alexander Tel Aviv Hotel.
November brings with it an international conference of Homeland Security, The HLS & CYBER Network exhibitions. The HLS Conference will be held on 12-15.11.2018, and will serve as a platform for exposing the most advanced Israeli security solutions. The International Conference & Exhibition – HLS & CYBER Conference is the 5th of its kind, attracting hundreds of Israeli companies and hundreds of experts in the fields of security and cyber technology.

This conference is also held at the Tel Aviv convention and exhibition center, just a five-minute drive from the Alexander Hotel.
An important conference in medicine field is ‘MED’ in Israel. This conference will take place on 25-28.3.2019. It is the beating heart of innovation in medicine, bringing all aspects of the field together.
MED in Israel is the perfect place to be exposed to the medical innovation that the medical world in Israel has to offer.
We at the Alexander Tel Aviv Hotel are excited to host you and give a little rest between lecture and lecture.

Come and stay at the Alexander Tel Aviv Hotel, which is only a five minute drive from the Israeli Convention Center in Tel Aviv.
Eurovision 2019 – After much deliberation, it is almost confirmed that Tel Aviv will host the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 after the Mayor of Tel Aviv has offered to subsidize the location of the event The event will be held close to the hotel, a 5-minute car or taxi ride without having to get into any traffic jams.

At the Alexander Hotel, we are extremely excited that the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 to be held in Israel. We will follow up with you right after the final decision of the Eurovision 2019’s ginal location.



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