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The Hotel is located on Mezizim Beach and Independence Park. Mezizim Beach is one of the most beautifully loved beaches in Tel Aviv. The beach was recently renovated with remodelled public restroom facilities, dressing rooms and showers. The area contains volleyball courts, soccer fields, and other facilities for sports and leisure activities. There are bar-restaurants located partly on the beach itself. The beach is disabled friendly and it is the perfect place to enjoy a few hours of sun or a romantic evening stroll on the beach, to leisure activities, all are located within a few step of The Alexander Tel Aviv Hotel.

The Tel Aviv Port: shopping, bars, restaurants and leisure for the whole family The Tel Aviv Port is a commercial and entertainment district in northwest Tel Aviv, Israel along the Mediterranean Sea. The port was opened on February 23, 1938 and closed on October 25, 1965 when its operations moved to the Ashdod Port. In recent years, it underwent a major restoration program and is now a popular attraction in Tel Aviv. In 2011, it was announced that the site would be developed to become a major tourist site with recreational and cultural venues. In the last few years, the old Port of Tel Aviv has become one of the trendiest areas of the city – a bustling shopping centre hosting stores of leading Israeli chains, next to unique shops offering items of modern Israeli art and fashion. You will find restaurants and coffee shops, ice cream parlours, and juice stands. Whatever you do – your time in between shopping trips is sure to be pleasant. Perhaps you will walk along the beach, or visit a farmers’ market offering foods, fruits & vegetables, and delicatessens. The Port is situated along the Tel Aviv shore, and is suited for excursions with children, bicycle rides, and many other leisure activities.

Nachlat Binyamin arts and crafts fair is located adjacent to the Carmel Market Nachlat Binyamin Arts and Crafts fair is the first and biggest of its kind in Israel and one of the most beautiful markets of its kind. The Art Fair is a very special experience. Surrounded by beautiful historical buildings, some recently passed strict preservation process and now can be seen in their original beautiful historical design. Full of unique hand made creations and designs,street performances, live music and coffee shops all of that makes the Art Fair a must during your stay in Tel-Aviv. The fair is open on Tuesdays from 10:00 to 17:00,on Fridays from 10:00 to 16:30, Nachlat Binyamin str. The Carmel Market in Tel Aviv is the central market in the city and the largest and most famous in the Dan region. It is located along Carmel Street, between Magen David Square , Carmelit Terminal ,HaKovshim str and has expanded over the years to a number of adjacent streets in the Kerem Hatemanim neighborhood (Yemenite quarter) and Nachlat Binyamin neighborhood In recent years, the market has become a recreation area with restaurants, cafes and street food stalls. You can find clothes, imported boutique cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meats and pastries.

The station complex is a recreation area that combines history with which you can admire old restored Templar buildings and the old Jaffa train station, which has also been renovated. You will find many businesses: fashion boutiques, books, space for temporary exhibitions and restaurants.

In the Fall of 2008, the “Shuk Hanamal” has become home for Israeli farmers and producers. What began as a dream of brining a new culinary message to Israel . The location of the Port Market in an ecological building that overlooks a stunning view of the Tel-Aviv Port, along with the collection of quality stores offering local and international products has made the Port a genuine gastronomic wonderland. 

A museum, an archive and a cultural centre for the heritage of Israel’s national poet Chaim Nachman Bialik. Once home to the poet and his family. Beit Bialik was renovated by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality in 2009 during celebrations honouring the city’s 100th anniversary. The building is part of the Bialik Complex, a site devoted to Hebrew and Israeli culture, located in an area of the city designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Originally designed by the architect Yosef Minor, today Beit Bialik serves as a museum, archive and center of Hebrew culture. The façade of the building was renovated and restored in the spirit of the building during Bialik’s lifetime. The original colors and ornamentation on the walls were uncovered and restored; authentic furniture and artefacts were refurbished; the space allotted for the archive containing Bialik’s writings was doubled in size; the room featuring exhibits was combined with a space for children’s activities, and a new, permanent display was built to highlight a portrait of the poet including the abundance of his creativity and his extensive contribution to the culture and society of the country. The site offers museum-related activities to individuals and groups of children and adults. 22 Bialik St. Tel: 972-3-5254530 / 972-3-5253403 Mon-Thurs: 09:00-17:00 Fri, Sat, holidays: 10:00-14:00 

Is Tel-AvivYafo’s urban culture museum, renovated by the Tel AvivYafo Municipality in 2009 on the occasion of Tel Aviv’s 100th anniversary, is part of the Bialik Complex, a site devoted to Hebrew and Israeli culture, located in an area of the city designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In keeping with the city’s name “Tel Aviv,” taken from Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl’s book “Altneuland” (“Old new Land”), Beit Ha’ir was renovated with the goal of combining the old and the new to reflect the dynamic essence of a city on the move, developing along a path between preservation and innovation. Beit Ha’ir showcases exhibits informing visitors of the history of Tel Aviv-Yafo, varying exhibitions of the works of local and international contemporary authors and artists, a reconstruction of the original office of the first mayor of the city, Meir Dizengoff, and the representational office of the present mayor, Ron Huldai, where heads of state, visiting mayors, diplomats and intellectuals are welcomed. The site offers museum-related activities to individuals and groups of children and adults. 27 Bialik St. Tel: 972-3-7240311 Mon-Thurs: 09:00-17:00 Fri, Sat, holidays: 10:00-14:00

The Cameri Theatre is considered to be the largest and most prolific theatre in Israel The Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv is a municipal theatre founded in 1944. The five Cameri Theatre halls and the Coffee Theatre hall are handicapped accessible. On early 2003, the Cameri moved to its new and sophisticated residence, located in the Tel Aviv Arts Center, near the Israeli Opera House, the Municipal Library and the Tel Aviv Museum. The five halls of the new Cameri Theater are a modern, vibrant and active theater center. However, the Cameri Theater does not shut itself up in its magnificent residence, but also appears in every corner of the country, including the periphery and the confrontation line. In 2005, the Cameri won the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement – a special contribution to society and the State

Segway tours ddepart from the Tel Aviv Port every day and hour – both on weekends and at night … We offer riding along the harbor, promenade and beautiful boulevards in Tel Aviv A nature bike ride in Hayarkon Park, located close to the hotel 2X2 Tours & Events Segway has been operating in Israel since 2007. In the company’s 6 years of activity, the company has initiated, produced and operated thousands of trips, fun days and consolidation for institutional and private customers. In addition to the Segway trips, the company operates a portable bicycle bar, rickshaw trips, bicycle trips and hiking for groups and individuals. Located on 3, Hataaruha The Port of Tel Aviv Phone: 03-5447373 please contact us for appointment To arrange a tour, please contact our Front Desk.

More than 40 years after the release of the mythical film “Metzitzim “, a beach restaurant opened in the same name: Metzitzim is located on Metzitzim Beach in Tel Aviv few steps from our hotel. You even do not have to cross the street. The people behind the opening of the restaurant are restaurateurs and nightlife people in the city. The restaurant offers a wide range of food combined with alcohol and a rich bar. A varied menu suitable for the season is available. Hotel guests are entitled to a discount in the afternoon.

Beit Hatfutsot – The Museum of the Jewish People located on the beautiful campus of Tel Aviv University, presents the unique and ongoing story of the Jewish People and brings to life its rich and multifaceted culture in Israel and around the world – past and present. In 2016, Beit Hatfutsot inaugurated a New Wing with new galleries. The exhibitions presented in the new galleries are a celebration of art and culture. Halleluja! In the Synagogue Hall, presents a spectacular exhibition based on the renowned collection the museum’s synagogue models. The exhibition includes Judaica artifacts, films, music, video art and interactive activities. The exhibition FOREVER YOUNG dedicated to the Nobel Prize Laureate Bob Dylan (until Jan. 21 2018) The media exhibition Operation Moses: 30 Years After presents the story of immigration and absorption of Ethiopian Jews (until Jan. 21 2018) The photography exhibition Capturing History presenting the work of David Seymour, known as Chim, one of the greatest photojournalist of the first half of the 20th century. And Let There Be Laughter: Jewish Humor around the World opening by the end of March 2018 An interactive exhibition designed for children and the whole family Heroes: Trailblazers of the Jewish People, presenting more than 140 Jewish super heroes from different areas: scientists, athletes, intellectuals, cultural figures and revolutionaries. Opening hours: Sun – Wed 10 am – 7 pm; Thurs 10 am – 21 pm Fri 9 am – 2 pm; Sat 10 am – 3 pm Audio guides available in Hebrew, English, French, Russian, German and Chinese Accessible for wheel chairs Beit Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv University campus, gate 2, Klausner Street, Ramat Aviv Tel 03-7457808

Visit to Beit Ha’atzmaut (Independence Hall) On 14th May 1948, 5th Iyar 5708, the Tel Aviv Museum, formerly the home of Mayor Meir Dizengoff, was chosen to host the ceremony of the declaration of Israel’s independence. Now the site, under the name Beit Ha’atzmaut, serves as a museum for the history of that declaration. The visit is divided into two parts, the first of which is dedicated to the founding of Tel Aviv and Dizengoff’s work and includes an explanation together with pictures and a 15- minute movie, and the second part takes place in Declaration Hall. There, time has frozen since that day in 1948. The furniture, the head table with the names of the dignitaries, and even the pictures on the wall have been reproduced or been left as they were. Against that backdrop, the guide relates the events of those days and takes his listeners back in time to the suspense surrounding the peak moment of the Zionist endeavor. The presentation ends with the original, moving recording of the Declaration, spoken by Ben Gurion, with additions that you have probably never heard before anywhere else. A guided tour of the site can be booked by prior arrangement. The House of Zina and Meir Dizengoff In 1909, 66 families gathered on the sand dunes and began to establish the first Hebrew city in Israel. Members of the Ahuzat Bayit neighborhood – Akiva Aryeh Weiss, Dizengoff, Sheinkin, Gutmann, Shlush, Abulafia and others – held a lottery, using shells, for the purpose of allocating plots. Dizengoff, the head of the committee and later, the legendary mayor, was the first to build his house on Sderot Rothschild. The country-style house looked totally different then than it does nowadays. When Zina Dizengoff died in 1930, Dizengoff wished to turn the house they had shared into an art museum and so fulfil an old dream – to provide a home for the city’s artists. At that time, when the international style (commonly known as Bauhaus) had become very popular in Tel Aviv, the building was restructured from its foundations. This is how the house stands to this very day, faithful to the concepts that characterized its architectural style: smooth lines, unembellished, simple on the exterior, but with an interior that is rich in content, meaning and strength. Smartphone Activities Bet Ha’atzmaut may be a place of history and nostalgia but it is definitely not a place where time has stood still. In 2015, two activities based on interactive games for the smartphone were launched here. “Racing toward a state” is an activity that focuses on the preparations for the Declaration of Independence, including a race between the historic sites of Tel Aviv, a tour and a short movie in Bet Ha’atzmaut and a visit to Declaration Hall. The game takes about 1½ hours and the entire program lasts about 3 hours. “From legend to a state” is an experiential game that focuses on the founding of the first Hebrew city and lasts about 50 minutes. Accessibility for disabled and blind people Declaration Hall is accessible to disabled people, and entry to guide dogs is permitted. The tour lasts about an hour. Additional activities are available to expand the visit. For details and reservations, please contact us at: Tel: 03-517-3942 e-mail: [email protected] website: Facebook:



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